Coldside & Support & Moment of Truth Cabaret Eden , Ulm am 24.11.17

Freitag 24.11.17
Einlass: -, Beginn: 19:00 Uhr
Cabaret Eden , Karlstraße 71, 89073 Ulm

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Wir freuen uns die Übersteiger als Gast zu ham.

True hardcore music is unstoppable. Coldside has destroyed the barriers of the Florida hardcore music scene and embedded themselves into it’s gritty core. Heavily influenced by the NYHC culture, Coldside will take you back to the days of circle pits, parking lot brawls, and bloodstained boots. When the message meant something and hardcore was a lifestyle. Ex-members of Wardogs, Vietnom, and C.B.S/Lita Gray, Coldside is constantly evolving into one of the hardest bands on the East Coast.

Still staying true to the times when hardcore was more then music, when it was a movement. Coldside brings back the tradition, the aggression, and unity that hardcore music has always been about. Heavy riffs, sing-alongs, and lyrics written from years of growing up in the underground music scene pour out in every song. Like going to a show with 10 kids or 500 who may not know each other, but knowing that everyone at the show with a heart is compelled with the same intensity, to never let anyone even think they can stop them. True hardcore at its root’s…COLDSIDE.

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